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Clinically proven to reset genes to a more youthful state

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By age 35, you have lost over half of your Stem Cell activity and by age 60, you will lose almost all of your Stem Cell activity.


Stem Cells are the repair cells of your body.

The LESS Stem Cell activity you have – the faster you age and the slower you heal.


A recent major scientific breakthrough in Stem Cell Technology activates your own stem cells and resets them to a younger, healthier state


It costs less than a cup of coffee a day!


No pharmaceuticals.
> No injections.
> Vegan friendly.
> Non-transdermal.
> Non-invasive.
> Latex free.

Just a simple patch!


Over 100 Patents and 90 Clinical Studies! Controlled research studies and published scientific papers validate the many health benefits.

Lifewave patches are an FDA recognized General Wellness Product.

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How X39 Activates Your Own Stem Cells​ in 90 Days

Stem cell activation improves all aspects of bodily function including sleep, reduction of pain, cardiovascular health, bone density, organ function, and even reverses the effects of aging on skin, hair and nails. ​

What people are saying

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GHK - Cu (Copper Peptide)

Is the secret to the astounding age-reversal properties of X39



Within 24 hours the stem cell activation patch begins to reset 3,000-4,000 genes to a younger healthier state.

X39 elevates  GHK Copper Peptide  that initiates rapid repair of collagen in your body

“People using the stem cell patches will experience an immediate effect through the elevation of antioxidants and a decrease in inflammation and an increase in energy and joy.”

~ Melinda H. Connor, DD, November 2020


recent study using QEEG brain mapping has shown that X39 improved brain regulation after only 6 weeks. This helps to calm an overactive brain leading to a decrease in multiple symptoms such as memory loss, depression, anxiety, sleep and more.

Another study has shown at six weeks the cardiovascular system began to act 2 months younger.

May people feel the effects right way, but even if you don’t immediately feel the eects, rest assured the new stem cells are attracted to the most pressing issues, such as an internal organ. before helping something you do feel.

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At this point your stem cells are now actively elevated.

The pluripotent stem cells transform into any type of cell your body needs for repair.  Your body uses stem cells to replace and repair sick, dying or dysfunctional cells

Reverse Aging

In a recent study, 14 out of 15 people lowered their biological age by an average of 8 years after just 6 months of using X39™.

~ David Schmidt, LA Convention, June 2020


Benefits can be immediate! LifeWave X39™ goes to work the minute you apply it. 

Rapid Pain Relief

Better Sleep

Improved Energy & Vitalty

Improved Skin Appearance

Improved Hair Quality

Reduced Inflammation

Rapid Wound Healing

Improved Mental Clarity

Enhanced Sports Performance

Faster Recovery from Exercise

and so much more!


How to Wear X39

  • Wear Your Patch 12 hours on and 12 hours off to repair and rejuvenate.
  • Then throw away the patch.
  • Then Put a new patch on and repeat.
  • You can wear more than one type of patch at a time.
  • Drink Plenty of Water

Health Issues


Lifewave X39

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X39™ elevates GHK-Cu peptides known to enhance stem cell activity and reset genes to a younger and healthier slate. Supports cellular repair, relief of minor aches and pains, wound healing, healthy inflammatory response, energy and better sleep.

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Lifewave X49

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X49™ elevates AHK-Cu peptides that promote performance, strength and stamina. It supports healthy cardiovascular system, cognitive functions and faster recovery. X49™ increases bone density and promotes muscle gain and fat loss (burning 300 to 600 extra calories per day!) when used in tandem with a healthy diet and exercise program.

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X39® & X49™ Performance Bundle

Research and Patents

Backed by 20 years of development, the LifeWave prismatic activation patches have been proven to be effective in 60 published studies and over 130 patents.

The Power of X39 Stem Cell Patches Explained by Inventor David Schmidt

Horses Don't Lie

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